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Why Consumer Behavior Changes the Way Retailer Have to Think

The Washington Post published a good news, bad news article for retailers, describing a new shopper behavior in the retail industry.
First, the good news; the so-called “showrooming” issue many big box retailers had feared has not come to fruition in the way many experts expected.  The main concern was that after Amazon and eBay exploded, consumers would go to the big box store to preview and test an item, then go home and make their purchase online.
However, consumers actually did the opposite, as “webrooming” has become more commonplace. People are conducting their research online and then going into the store to make purchases.
This is positive, however, consumer research has also become an issue for retailers. Potential customers can literally find any piece of information on a product online. They can compare prices, competing products, and read user reviews, among other things. In reality, many consumers know more about a retailer’s products than their own employees.
Also, online research has significantly reduced the amount of impulse purchasing made. Instead of impulsively buying a product on the spot, especially in the consumer electronics space, consumers will leave the store and go on the Internet to learn more.
This is where great product demonstrations come into play. If a retailer notices that a certain product is drawing customer attention, but not converting to sales, they should consider using a demonstration to push customers towards a purchase. It gives people an opportunity to test and review the product, giving them the incentive to purchase on the spot, as opposed to going home to research and possibly going elsewhere to buy.
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