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What to do with Brian Williams?

Is anyone in America having a worse week than the face of NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams? Honestly, it would be hard to imagine so.
The apparently affable newsman, whom millions of Americans have given their trust to over the past decade, is now in the midst of a fabrication scandal like we haven’t seen in a long time.
What started out as a seemingly simple slip of the tongue while recounting an RPG attack on a helicopter in Iraq 12 years ago has turned into allegations of stolen valor and gross exaggeration of other experiences, including his accounts covering Hurricane Katrina.
So the question is, what does Williams do now?
Is his current hiatus from Nightly News enough? Should he be formally reprimanded by NBC and allowed return? Or, should he simply crawl under a rock and hide for the remainder of his life?
We believe the answer still depends on the information that emerges in the coming days. As it stands now, Williams could avoid the reaper if he owns up to his mistakes, apologizes, and asks the nation for forgiveness. It is already an uphill battle due to sensitivity over his inflated war stories, but if he is contrite and honest, the possibility remains that he could return to the Nightly News anchor desk.   
However, the ice is paper-thin right now and the temperature continues to rise. Any new allegations could be the final nail in Williams’ coffin -which is tragic, because this whole situation is entirely unnecessary and self-inflicted.