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Trends CPG Brands Must Accept for Millennials posted an article regarding the differences in mentality with millennial consumers compared to previous generations. Since millennials will spend $65 billion on consumer packaged goods over the next 10 years, CPG brands must learn how to cater to these young people.

Forbes listed trends that will help make this connection. We have added our take on three of these them:

1. Visibly Sustainable
Millennials care far more than older generations about sustainability. CPG brands must care, or at least pretend to care, about the environmental impact they have. Finding more “green” ways to operate and distribute products will go a long way in building rapport with these consumers.
2. Food with Benefits
Adding nutrients to already packaged foods is increasingly important to millennials. The message on packaging must connect emotionally for these consumers. For example, if a brand is selling pancake mix, adding protein to the mix and creating messaging that consumers will stay full longer and have more energy for their day, would appeal to millennials.
3. Eat with Your Eyes
As most millennials spend a good portion of their time on social media, it is increasingly important to engage these consumers with visual illustrations on packaging and stimulate their sense of sight. How often do you see millennials post pictures of food online? We are assuming the answer is quite often. How often do you see them post pictures of unattractive food online?  The answer is probably much less frequently. If brands are visually appealing, they will have more millennial consumers. Bottom line.
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