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More Emphasis Needs to be Placed on Consumer Engagement as Retail Spending is Not Improving

According to a recent Reuters article, U.S. households continued to cut back on the purchase of retail goods in January; and this disturbing trend should be cause for concern for brands nationally. 

As American consumers continue to spend less, the importance of customer engagement continues to grow. Brands need to stand out in retail space full of alternative options. The best way to build brand awareness and really engage customers with a brand is to have a consistent calendar of product sampling and demonstration initiatives that keeps the brand front of mind for customers.
The communication process for retail brands is really a three-pronged approach. Public relations, digital marketing, and customer engagement all go hand-in-hand to create a successful retail communication campaign. Without the customer engagement element, the PR and digital marketing strategies will suffer, as there is no opportunity to build trust and customer loyalty. 
With no increase in customer spending in the early forecast,  it is time for brands to smarten up and take their customer engagement to the next level.
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