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Do the New England Patriots Need Help with Crisis Communication?

recent article posed this question and we thought we would take this opportunity to offer our opinion.
As the “Deflate-gate” investigation begins to unravel for the NFL, many people still question the culpability of the New England Patriots and their star Coach/Quarterback duo Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  This leads us to ask why it seems like the public is always skeptical of the Patriots? This can be answered with one word- silence.
The New England Patriots live by a code of silence and rarely offer sound bites to the media. This is understandable when there’s no negative PR for the team. However, when every sports outlet in the country is questioning your credibility, silence can be a killer.
When a team, company, or person is being accused of something they haven’t done, while it’s not encouraged to speak off the cuff, it would be beneficial to create a strategy that targets specific key media and offers an explanation of innocence. Unfortunately in society, pleading the fifth is often just as bad as an admission of guilt.
So, for the Patriots, we would advise them to be a bit more transparents when facing crises, and perhaps the viewpoint of the public will begin to shift more favorably.