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A Health-Conscious America Is a CPG Company's Worst Nightmare

 With the recent news that Kraft Foods profits fell an astonishing 62 percent last year, CPG companies are scrambling to recover lost profits and win back consumers. Brands will be placing an increased emphasis on offering healthy selections, and eliminating sugary, artificially flavored treats.Americans eat on the go more than ever, which is a good sign for CPG companies, however, they are much more inclined to grab a yogurt or granola bar as opposed to a bag of chips or a candy bar.

That means as brands create new products, consumers will want to try before they buy. Therefore, a great sampling program will be essential to the future success of struggling CPG companies. Combining the sampling program with a PR campaign detailing the importance of offering healthy options and a digital marketing strategy that streamlines the messaging through online advertising and social media channels would be the most effective way to reach target consumers, and help make 2015 a more profitable year in the CPG industry.
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