We believe that perceptions are powerful. While you cannot control opinions, you can control the perceptions of your brand. We build perceptions!


Annex Communication is a full-source marketing, public relations and communication solution for businesses and individuals. Our company offers its services as an outsourced solution for those unable or unwilling to maintain their own corporate communications division on a full-time basis. Today's communication platform is drastically different than the traditional Public Relations industry of the past. With the advancement of blogs, social media, and up-to the minute releases of news stories, today's information is an eclectic mix. It is relevant, biased, timely, saturated, and subject to unique spins.



Annex Communication prides itself as being a leader in modern communication. As mainstream media continues to evolve, Annex Communication continues to provide professionals with current, relevant, and strategic communication solutions. Our clients include: Fortune 500 corporations; small & mid-size corporations; marketing & advertising agencies; celebrities, sports figures & high-profile individuals, and new brands entering the marketplace.